Natural resource mapping, geospatial data analysis and modeling, and softcopy photogrammetry

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PMT can accomplish various geospatial data development, remote sensing and GIS related analyses including:

Archiving and Digitization Services

CAD/GIS Data Capture
Orthorectification and Geocoding of Archived, Historic Aerial Photography
High Resolution, Large Format Image and Medical X-ray Scanning Services
Large Format Plotting Services

Surface, Sub-surface and Vadose Zone (Integrated) Hydrologic Modeling Applications

Preparation of US EPA-National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (EPA-NPDES)- Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan Documents

Softcopy Photogrammetry

Aerial Photography and Airborne Multispectral Data Acquisition Mission Support
Digital Terrain Model and Orthophoto Creation

Geospatial Analysis and Modeling

Environmental/Habitat Modeling
Geospatial Data Development for GIS Applications
Soil Mapping
Vegetation Mapping/Change Detection
Riparian/Wetland Inventory

Data Visualization and Simulated Fly-thru Products

Customized On-site GIS and Image Processing Software Training


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